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Shutterfly, Inc. is an American photography, photography products, and image sharing company, headquartered in Redwood City, California. Founded in 1999, the company is currently led by Hilary Schneider as the President and CEO, and owned by Apollo Global Management (majority) and District Photo (minority). The company went public in 2006, and returned to private ownership in 2019.


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Terry says

"I ordered canvases for Christmas gifts on 12/3/20. One came in on Christmas Eve and the other is still sitting in the Orlando post office 2 and a half hours away and has been there now for over a week. No way to reach a person about it. Customer service sucks and so does Shutterfly. "

Mk says

"Got Shutterfly coupons to get $25 off and I really wanted to get some cute pictures and posters. Turns out shipping is outrageously expensive and made me regret even looking at trying to use my coupons."

Shipping costs too high! says

"I spent a long time creating gifts for my mother. I had to cancel my order because shipping would cost me the same as the gifts would. I even used a coupon from Lifetouch which also sucks. They will only let you use one promotion so when I used 20% off my order was about $62 with $33 shipping! When I switched to the $30 off coupon it jumped to $95! What rip-off artists!"

Emmaline Gresham says

"I ordered pictures on December 15th and was told they would be here on December 20th. It is now January 18th and I still haven’t gotten them. Contacted Customer Support several times and was told just wait a few days longer, they are coming. I asked for a refund and they said they were not able to give me one due to the nature of my purchase 🤨 Literally the worst website and I do not recommend them at all!"

John Dvoracek says

"I chose Shutterfly since picture Christmas card delivery was to be Dec 6 -10. Cards arrived Dec 26. Who mails Christmas cards AFTER Christmas? I called customer service Dec 15 and Dec 18; they were NO HELP just saying "wait a few days longer.""

Shelley Stern says

"I recently placed in order and fell for the “unlimited free prints” offer. It took me several hours of looking through my camera roll to choose 250 of the shots I wanted to print. I made sure I had $75 worth of ornaments to apply the “free shipping above $75 offer”, and was dismayed when I got to check out and found shipping on “free” items were not included in this promo, so my shipping cost totaled $46!!! I believe that would be much more than I would’ve actually paid for the prints (appx. $22.50 of they were $.09 apiece)! I tried looking for their prepaid print plan to get around this problem, so I could pay for the prints and get free shipping. However, I could not find any of the prepaid print plans, although I know I’ve seen them as recently as early December 2020. Since there was no option to place the prints order in a “save for later” category, I was pretty sure all my hours of choosing would be wasted, so I decided to proceed with the order. Once customer service chat opened the next morning, I spent 45 minutes in a very unsatisfactory conversation. No, you cannot separate part of the order. No, you cannot cancel the entire order but save the chosen prints in any way. No, you can’t add a prepaid print plan to this order. In the end, what she did offer was a $10 credit to my account. Buyer beware!"

Laura says

"I ordered a calendar on 1/3/21 and paid $7.99 for shipping, was supposed to have it by 1/11/21. However, I still don't have it on their website it says it is "assumed" delivered. So, I called customer service, they are no help. It may come 1/14 - 1/18, if I don't receive it by 1/21 or 1/22 I can then call and cancel my order and they "may" be able to give me a refund. He said they may be able to send out a new order expedited that I would get between 1/22 and 1/24...What? How does any of this make sense? How do you in good conscience charge $7.99 shipping for something the probably cost about $1 to ship and then offer no help when it is not received?? This is not the first time I have had issues with Shutterfly. They used to be so good and reliable, it's a shame you can no longer count on them at all"

Peter Skinner says

"My 91 year old father received a calendar with pictures of his grandchildren for Christmas, sent from the US to the UK. 15 days later he received an invoice for a better part of the price of the Christmas present from Fedex for customs duty to be paid for importation. The reason was it was not labelled as "Occasional" and a "gift" in the transportation documentation to Fed-ex. This is something the sender my wife had no idea about, yet these are clearly marketed as gifts. I note other customers have been stung the same way for additional costs - way to go Shutterfly, how to ruin a gift for Christmas for a veteran with Dementia."

The longest journey within says

"What you see on the computer is most certainly not what you get. At all. Socks, poor quality, remain stretched after trying on for only one minute. Mugs delivered with scratches and marks."

BellasMomToo says

"I, too, ordered Christmas Cards on 11/30/20 and still haven't received them (12/23/20). They were shipped on 12/4, bounced around various areas, sat in Stockton, CA for 11 days, then were recently sent to Southern CA. I'm in Northern, CA! I called Shutterfly CS yesterday (was on hold for 90 minutes) and CS was useless -- she read the same script that everyone else heard. I've ordered Christmas cards from Shutterfly for MANY years. This is the last. I love the quality of their products, but I will never order time-sensitive products from them ever again. UPDATES: as of 12/29/20. My Christmas Cards haven't moved from Southern CA. I contacted Shutterfly CS yesterday and they offered me credit, which I accepted (cause I have an active photo book project). I still would like to get my cards, even though it will be too late to send them out. It is now 1/12/21. My Christmas Cards still haven't moved from Southern CA since 12/22."

Jean DeBoer says

"I ordered 2 puzzles for Christmas. I gave one to my husband and one to my grandson. We opened my husbands and realized soon it was VERY poor quality. The pieces would not stay together. We had one piece that was not cut apart all the way. I talked with my grandson and he had about 6 pieces that were not cut apart. When we got my husbands finished there were 2 pieces missing!!!! My grandson is not finished yet. I have been on hold for 28 minutes to talk to a service rep and still holdiing. I got the message that I should go on-line to live chat. I went on there and they were off-line!!! VERY frustrated."

RS says

"Delivery of gift calendars for personal use has huge import charges! I received a huge invoice from Fedex that Shutterfly insisted I pay. Shutterfly then refused to refund the calendar costs. I have never been so appalled. DO NOT ORDER FROM SHUTTERFLY EVER."

SK says

"Why should I have to "contact customer service" in order to delete/deactivate my account?! Other sites simply let you do so on line. Site is not user friendly at all. And customer service operates at less than "Bankers Hours". Glad I never actually uploaded or ordered anything. I probably would have wound up losing any photos I'd have uploaded."

Bobbi says

"I ordered a special Christmas gift on Dec 1. Still have not received it as of today 1/8. Contacted their chat on Jan 5th and was given a "gift certificate" for the amount. I ordered the same thing again and hoped for the best. Today Jan 8th my tracking states that it was delivered to a mailbox in Oklahoma???? I had it shipped to me in Colorado! Needless to say I will never get either one of the items I purchased and whats worse is WHO did get my pictures??? This company sucks and I will NEVER use them again. I will just lose out on $100. + because I won't need a gift certificate again. WORST"

Jenny Foster says

"I ordered Christmas cards on December 2nd with my original delivery estimate being 12-8-12/16. I contacted customer service 12/18 to cancel the order because it had been "in transit" since the 10th and I knew they weren't going to arrive in time for me to send the cards out for Christmas. Customer service would not issue a refund and told me they were sure they'd arrive in the next few days and to contact them again after Christmas if I hadn't received them. They arrived the 29th. I contacted costumer service and was told they could issue me a 50% refund now and the rest after I ship the cards back BUT I'M RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THE SHIPPING FEE! I understand making me pay shipping if I wanted to return because I simply changed my mind but this order was being returned because they failed to deliver to me on time. Ridiculous. Never ordering from them again. Terrible customer service!"

Mel says

"Worst customer service ever. I would give zero stars if I could! I was told I would get a refund in 7-10 business days but never got it. Have talked to customer service 3 times already, soon to be 4th and probably many more until I get my refund I was told that I would get back! Every different day I talk to them they give me a different answer. And every person I talk to always says there's "technical issues" and "refund issues". Will never purchase from shutterfly again. First time purchasing and definitely the last time! Don't waste your time and money to this company! Take your money somewhere else!"

Becky Lynne says

"I ordered some ornaments for a gift for someone for Christmas. I ordered them back in November to avoid the usual confusion around the holidays-last year I ordered Christmas cards and after three different deliveries, I still never ended up with the correct product. It was almost a month later and I still didn’t have the ornaments, and I tried on three separate occasions to utilize the chat feature, but every time I tried, I was almost the 200th person in line. The first time, I got all the way down to number 16, and all of a sudden I got a message saying that there was a problem with the chat feature and I needed to try again. The second time took too long and I gave up. The third time I got in touch with somebody who was absolutely useless to me. In regards to my messed up address labels that I cannot use, he suggested he give me some tokens to make them again for free, but I would just have to pay for shipping and handling. Ummm, how is that helpful?!? Why would I have to pay for shipping and handling for something that I already paid for and didn’t get quality product. The Christmas ornaments still hadn’t arrived and it was two days before Christmas. He suggested that I wait until Christmas Eve, and if they didn’t arrive, to contact them again so they could fix it. Again,… I asked him if he knew how long it took to go through this process?!? He simply copied and pasted a message from earlier saying that I needed to be patient. The moral of the story is that I will never waste another dime of my money on this illegitimate company with despicable customer service and policies. The shipping company that they used to ship their items is awful, and you can’t count on them to get you your product at the right time or the right place. Please do yourself a favor and save your money… Go to snap fish. They know how to treat a customer."

bishal rawal says

"I have been a loyal Shutterfly customer for years. This year's experience was quite disheartening. I had ordered Christmas cards on Dec 3 (Order number 022018951860-7000036) hoping that I would receive my order on time so that I would be able to mail them to my friends and family before Holidays begin. It was supposed to be delivered by Dec 11 but didn't get delivered. I reached out to customer support about a week after Dec 11 (after being on the phone for hours) and I was wrongfully advised that I would get them delivered soon. I finally received my order on Dec 26 - right after Christmas day! What is the point of getting Christmas cards after Christmas is over? I have been trying to reach someone at customer support but in vain. I would demand a refund but honestly, this issue is beyond monetary compensation. I cannot put a price tag to how this issue was handled by Shutterfly. So shameful! I found several customers on this website who have been going through similar horrible experience. Hope Shutterfly realizes how unhappy some of its customers are! Hope Shutterfly has the decency to reach out to at least some and apologize for such horrible service!"

caroline sikorske says

"I ordered Christmas cards on Nov 28 and still dont have them. I tried calling customer service and had to wait over 40 minutes; I guess other deliveries were delayed too. Once I got a person, they told me they had no info other than what was on the website. That website says the cards will be delivered on Dec. 8; that was 4 weeks ago. Will never order from them again."

Anna says

"This is my first time ordering a product through Shutterfly and I am highly disappointed to not have received it after 6 weeks of placing my order. I was looking forward to gifting what I ordered on Christmas, but was not able to do so."

CJ says

"A very long time customer with Shutterfly. Quality has been going downhill each year. 50% of my holiday cards had a white line through them. It will take over 8 days to get a replacement. They have also tacked on a 99 cent Covid fee. Seriously? I stupidly paid it. But they’ve lost my business from this day forward."

Joan Hipp says

"Ordered cards December 6th, They never arrived. I cannot reach anyone at customer services. Last call stated they would arrive on December 22. Website states Dec 16. You can request a call back but they never call you back. After more than 15 years, I am no longer a Shutterfly customer and assume I will get a full refund."

Robin Cotterman says

"I've used Shutterfly for several years and have been happy with there products until recently. My prints have been sent faded, but now they are adding a Covid Fee?! Really? I'm deleting my account. I'll get prints and mugs from a company that doesn't try and gouge an already struggling country."

b weller says

"ordered xmas cards 18 days ago, and it is now 6 days before xmas and i don\'t have them. they are telling me to wait three more days, and won\'t refund at this point. Never again! "

Liz says

"For the last 2 years, I have had to make last minute cards at Walmart because Shutterfly took over 3 weeks to ship 25 cards to me. Please, Jeff Bezos, buy this company and fix it!"

Roma says

"They were great once upon a time. Several years later, I decided I wanted to forego the one hour holiday cards and do fancy. BIG mistake! My order was supposed to arrive on the 11th, delayed till 15th, and then fell off radar on Shutterfly but they said it’ll still arrive on time. Used the USPS tracking and now it’s saying Dec 26. Wth am I going to do with $50 worth of Christmas cards after Christmas? RUBBISH!!! "

paul former customer says

"unusable now - lack of self-design options and limited card formats - seems they\'re all flat postcards- lack of customer-friendly access to design - addressing envelopes not possible with mac - generally annoying in the extreme, whereas previously an intuitive an fluid process- all these issues from a formerly satisfied customer - you\'ve confused, irritated and frustrated me. good job f-cking up a very useful service. "

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